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Testimonials of Ancestral Connections, Inc.

The following are testimonials given from various clients and associates demonstrating Russell's ability to bring highly qualified research service to help you with your family history research.


Take a moment to read some of our clients' experiences in working with us. For a free initial consultation, follow this link and fill out the form. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


“I have found Russell to be a very capable researcher, one who has an inquiring mind who is conscientious, pleasant, easy to work with, a team player, and knowledgeable about a wide spectrum of family history topics and methods.  He is also dependable and thorough: his work in U.S. and British records is professional and well done.  He is well acquainted with proper research practices and informed about computer and Internet aspects of the profession.”

                                                                                    -Gerald H.



“My sister-in-law…gave [Russ] some names that she was having difficulty locating in Denmark in the mid 1700s, although she openly felt no one could really break through this impasse.

Russ reported back to us at our family Christmas party.  We were all amazed…with his success on these difficult lines.

I have since referred Russ to several of my clients who have a deep interest in genealogy, and all were exceptionally pleased with his work….I have found him to be competent, diligent, and a man of integrity.”

                                                                                    -Lynn L.



“Thank you for everything, I could never gotten [into the DAR] without you, Russ!”

                                                                                    -Dorothy S.


"I provided [Russ] with a limited amount of information....The end product was just what I was looking for. Russ found that about four generations back, my family had emigrated from Germany, Hungary and Ireland. I received copies of census data going back at least 3l generations.

I found information about the woman I was named after, my father's great Aunt Jennie. Seeing the names, dates and census information such as whether the person worked, their job, if they could read and write in English, how many children they had--details that had not been passed down through oral family tradition.

During the course of our project, my son had an 8th grade class assignment to do a family tree. Without ever billing me for the time, Russ talked to my son one night on the phone and helped explain to him how to read the family tree. They spent some time chatting though it was past dinner time.

Russ is thorough, detail oriented, professional and organized. The family tree notebooks we put together made perfect holiday gifts."

                                                                                    -Jenn H.


“[It is] good, reliable and thorough research you have done for me, Russ.  You have gotten information into areas and records I was not familiar with.  You broke open one of our most difficult ‘brick walls’ and pushed the line back quite a ways.”

                                                                                    -Josephine S.



"The family history book you did on our ancestors from Wales is a real treasure!  We feel a real connection with those ancestors.  The book has helped us know our ancestors and about their sacrifices for us.

Several family members told me they were deeply touched by reading the accounts in the book.  The photographs in the book added so much as well. The genealogical information shown in the book has helped us come to know our ancestors better. Our family history book is a legacy we will treasure for years to come.

Also, thank you to this point for a job well-done on the research of our German ancestors.  We never dreamed our lines could be found into the 1600's.  We look forward to even more information about our ancestors as you continue your research for our ancestors!"

                                                                                    -JoAnn S.

"For several years, [our] family has been involved in genealogical research on several lines; some, more aggressively than others.  As novice genealogists we came to an apparent end to our skills and our attitude became one of slight discouragement. 

We were introduced to Russ & Leslie Bangerter.  It became very apparent that we had depended too much on our hard work without [relying on]…professionals that could, and did, take our research to a higher level. 

We have much work to do, but feel that our success for the future will be enhanced by our relationship with the Bangerters.  We heartily recommend them to anyone interested in pursuing genealogical research."

                                                                                    -Larry & Pat B.