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Free Genealogical Starter Kit

This starter kit contains tips on how to get started working on your genealogy. It also contains a pedigree chart and family group records to get started right away. You may come back download more blank charts and records to fill out and add to your files--all for free. Our hope is that you will build strong connections with your ancestors.

Each of the files include a cover page. There is an introduction and some tips provided within the starter kit, as well as the documents shown below. The below images are intended to provide a preview and not for download and use. To download the starter kit, click here. You may download each document separately where indicated below each image.

To download these files, click on the one(s) you want. It will open the file within your webrowser. From there you may choose to save a copy to your computer or print through the Adobe Acrobat toolbar.

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free pedigree chart
5-generation Pedigree Chart with 31 entries
This image is intended only to provide a preview - to download, click here


family group record     family group record
Starter page with Husband & Wife and three children, and a second page to record up to 5 more children. This second page can be used multiple time in cases where a family has more than 8 children.
These images are intended only to provide a preview - to download, click here