Ancestral Connections
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Ancestral Connections, Inc. is a family-operated 
business that provides a wide range of services to clients of a wide 
variety of ancestral origins. Although we specialize in European 
research, we have done research of other origins, such as Mexico 
and the Philippines. Ancestral Connections was established in 1997 
by Russell Bangerter, who draws on his valuable education and vast 
experience as a foundation for the continued success of this company.

Established 1997

South Jordan, Utah, U.S.A.

Ancestral Connections, Inc.
9527 S. Morywood Lane
South Jordan, Utah, U.S.A.


To help clients of all origins break through "brick walls" and create connections with their ancestors by providing highly qualified research at a reasonable price.

Russell C. Bangerter, Owner/Principal Researcher
Russell draws upon years of experience studying and performing 
genealogical research for clients with ancestors from all over the 
world. Russell truly has a passion for this work and particularly  
enjoys working on lines that seem to have hit a brick wall.  As an 
expert in genealogical research, Russell is also a regular guest blogger 
40+ Years in Genealogical Research

BA Family History, 1996
Brigham Young University

AS Marketing/Bus. Management, 1987
LDS Business College
Leslie J. Bangerter, Researcher
Leslie offers research assistance with all of company projects, as 
well as business management support.  Leslie has many years of 
experience playing and teaching the piano.  She has a great talent
and love for music and has instilled that love in each of her 
students, past and present.  She feels  a sense of great satisfaction in
watching her students grow and succeed, especially her own kids.
15 Years in Genealogical Research

35 Years teaching the piano
Joelle S. Bangerter, Assistant Researcher
Joelle helps with the heavy work load by providing general
assistance to Russell and Leslie.  She brings support that ensures 
client's work is done quickly and efficiently.  Joelle has experience
working in both child care and mental health.  She is now working 
on learning American Sign Language in an effort to accomplish her
ultimate goal of teaching the autistic to communicate through ASL.
BS Psychology, 2005
Brigham Young University
Aaron C. Bangerter, Marketing Consultant
Aaron offers general business and marketing support, including
the creation and maintainence of this website.  Aaron has 
experience with various types of marketing and design work.  He
currently is a full-time student at the University of San Diego in
California, working toward a Masters of Business Administration.
BA Mass Communication, 2007
University of Utah